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Ingredients: Spinach, carrot, Florina pepper, nettle, beet, semolina, salt.
Without milk – Without preservatives – Keep in a dry place                          Package:500g
Nutritional value: energy 331, salt (%) 2.4, carbohydrates (%) 68.8g, proteins (%) 13.22, fat (%) 0.30, roughage (%) 5.8, saturated fat (%) 0.05, sugars (%) 5.3

They boil in 4 minutes

Some things about the ingredients:

Pasta is rich in complex carbohydrates, iron (it helps the production of hemoglobin), selenium (a very powerful antioxidant), calcium (strengthening of bones), phosphorous, proteins and vitamins of the B complex (thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, folic acid), while it contains very few fats, cholesterol and sodium.

The Spinach is a unique super food. Its wonderful properties benefit and regulate the blood pressure, they oxygenate the body, while at the same time they contribute to the normal functioning of the gut. The spinach delays the degeneration of brain cells that comes with ageing and fights arthritis. At the same time it prevents colon cancer, esophagus cancer and ovarian cancer, while scientists report that it protects the heart from a number of diseases. Finally, it ensures the good health of the bones, while its antioxidant properties fight the free radicals in the body and they contribute to a glowing skin and hair, boosting our health.  

Carrots are an excellent source of antioxidants and the richest source of beta carotene (provitamin A). Beta carotene protects vision and especially night vision. The powerful antioxidant action of beta carotene also provides protection from macular degeneration and from the development of cataract, which is the main cause of blindness for old people.

Frequent consumption of carrots is connected with 20% reduction of the likelihood of breast cancer after menopause and 50% reduction in the frequency of bladder, cervical, prostate, colon, larynx and esophagus cancer. Carrots also have medicinal properties that contribute to the reduction of blood pressure.  

Florina peppers have a thick skin and a sweet taste. They have few calories, while they are rich in vitamins C, A, K and E.

The nettle boosts the body, it has anti-inflammatory, analgesic and expectorant properties and it can significantly help when there are breathing difficulties, dissolving the mucus and cleaning the lungs. It also helps regulate the blood pressure and it is beneficial to those who suffer from renal failure. It is the best medicine for anemia, as it contains a lot of iron.  

The nettle is diuretic and so it helps dispose of toxins. It fights fluid retention, helping in this way weight loss. It strengthens the bones due to some of the vitamins it contains. 

Beets are rich in carbohydrates, nitrate salts, magnesium, iron, potassium, sodium, vitamin C and folic acid. According to a research by Exeter University, beets improve stamina by 16% and their juice helps reduce blood pressure. The magnesium they contain helps the absorption of calcium. Beets also have laxative properties.