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Chios Mastic is the resin that comes from the trunk and the branches of mastic tree. It appears as a tear in spots which have been incised on the trunk with a sharp tool. In the final stage, before going into the market, it turns into drops of hard, brittle, translucent resin and it has a delicate scent. Chios Mastic is exported all over the world and it is appreciated for the flavor it gives to food and sweets, as well as for its therapeutic properties. It is used in bakery products, sweets, jams, ice-creams, sauces, liquors and it is even added into cheese and in dishes with meat as a spice. It is the first ever chewing gum in the world, which cleans the teeth and refreshes breath. Apart from its contribution to oral hygiene, mastic has antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties, it fights gastrointestinal disorders (it is highly beneficial in cases of gastritis and ulcer), it is a natural antioxidant and it helps the healing of wounds and skin regeneration.