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The Gulyás is a "soup" much known throughout the world and the most famous and often cooked food in Hungary. Created many confusions and misunderstandings about the exact method of preparation. Even in Hungary, every housewife or chef has his own way of cooking by adding or omitting some of the components, or change anything in the preparation process, but everyone will call it their Gulyás as the most authentic.

Authentic Gulyás is beef cooked with onions, Hungarian paprika powder, tomatoes, green peppers and potatoes pasta csipetke. (Something like nioki, or else the noodle as they call it).For Hungarians the Gulyás not considered so because the soup and eat as a main course and without many juices only meat and vegetables. In most gourmet restaurants make many variations. If you ask them they will answer you that it is something in between, they will tell you that is a juicy stew quite thick.

Ingredients: paprika, salt, dextrose, garlic, cinnamon, clove, spice extracts and extracts of aromatic plants.

Suggested dosage: 10-20gr of the product, for every kilo of meat.