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In French it is called…fleur de Sel. It means and in fact it is the flower of the salt, which is carefully collected by hand from the top of the salt pit, before it sinks, becomes crystallized and gets incorporated with the rest of the salt in the salt pit. The flower of the salt is collected in few places in the world; it is washed by hand, dried in the sun and packaged in small quantities in various parts of the world. The most well known for their quality varieties come from France, Portugal and Greece. This salt retains a significant amount of humidity because it has not undergone a chemical or any other processing. It is naturally pure white and it has not undergone any whitening like the common salt. It is its special texture that gives it its crystallized form and its soft taste while at the same time it helps to keep all its characteristic elements. It is rich in minerals necessary for the human body and that’s why we should buy and consume this pure salt. As it dissolves more quickly than common salt, it’s better to beaded to food just a little while before food is served. It does not contain any additives and nothing has been removed from it. In other words it is absolutely natural and pure.
The flower of the salt contains 92 minerals which diversify depending on the geological characteristics of the area from which it is collected, in contrast with the common treated salt which contains only 2 (chlorine and sodium). Additionally, it is naturally iodized. Iodine is chemically added in common salt.

The flower of the salt has a strong flavor and it is ideal for slow cooking in the casserole, in the crock pot and in clay.