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Ingredients: Sheep’s milk, durum wheat, salt.
Without preservatives – It should be kept in a cool, shady place, away from unpleasant smells.
Package: 500g


Nutritional value: Energy 371, Salt (%) 2,32, Carbohydrates (%) 70,2, Proteins (%) 15,3, Fat (%) 3,18, Fibers (%) 2,7, Saturated fats (%) 1,25, Sugar (%) 1,1.

It boils in 15 minutes

A few things about frumenty:

Coarsely ground cereals have been known as a basic and at the same time simple and easy choice of our daily, traditional diet since antiquity. The first bread products produced in the history of civilization were not baked in the oven. Instead, they were sundried. This first form of dried dough constitutes the first pasta. And while nowadays simple pasta and rice have a leading position on our weekly table, little by little we notice that coarsely ground cereals have started playing an important role among the dishes of the Greek cuisine again, as it is ascertained that they have a high nutritional value and they are really beneficial to human health.                                
Wheat frumenty is particularly rich in fibers, which help the proper functioning of the intestine, and in complex carbohydrates. It has a low glycemic index and as result it gently increases blood glucose. It contains significant quantities of vitamins of the B complex, such as thiamine, riboflavin and niacin which participate in the correct functioning of the metabolism and of the nervous system.
It also contains selenium and vitamin E which are powerful antioxidant substances, and magnesium which strengthens the muscle system and which in the long run positively affects the reduction of blood pressure. Finally, it contains twice as much potassium as pasta and three times as much compared to rice.
Residents of rural areas frequently consumed it in their breakfast as well as in their dinner.

Source: iatronet.gr